Himalayan Vibes, a Toronto based Nepalese folk musical band, is established in 2016 to preserve,
promote, and practice the Nepalese musical instruments and music culture in Canada.
Himalayan Vibes targets to involve young people by providing training Nepalese musical
Himalayan Vibes also aims to enrich the cultural diversity of Canada by adding Nepalese musical
flavor in musical spectrum of Canada.
Himalayan Vibes is registered with Industry Canada as a Not for Profit organization in 2019.

The band is led by famous percussion maestro of Nepal Mr. Sanuraja Maharjan and supported by

  • Hari Lamsal- Harmonium, keyboard
  • Pradeep Banskota – flute
  • Ranjana Sainju – Sitar
  • Uttam Makaju – Madal and base percussion,
  • Suraj Sharma –Guitar (lead and rhythm)
  • Sambida Khanal – Madal
  • Kishore Rajbhandari – Guitar (base) and special effects,
  • Rikesh Shrestha – Effects
  • Manoj Rajbahndari Guitar (lead)
  • Sanjay Adhikari – Guitar (lead and rhythm)


In order to create typical Nepalese musical flavor, Himalayan Vibes is planning to add Sarangi
(Nepalese chordophone group musical instrument played by a bowing) and Tungna (a plucked
string instrument) soon. The band conducts group practice at least in weekly basis depending
on the performance frequency.

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